NCERT Solutions for Class 6 to 12 for All Subjects is the one stop destination for NCERT solutions for class 6 to class 12 for all subjects. Here you will get detailed chapter-wise solutions for each subjects. You can read these solutions online or can download the solutions in PDF file.

Students can now enhance their knowledge with the most reliable NCERT solutions online. If you’re looking for the most comprehensive explanations with logic on every topic in an easy-to-understand manner, then FullNCERTSolutions is the right place to browse. The ultimate objective of students is to understand the subject matter thoroughly so that they get good marks in examinations. We aim to help students broaden their knowledge with our solutions and also be a ready reckoner during exam time

At Full NCERT Solutions, students can find the best NCERT solutions from class 6 to class 12 free of cost. With detailed chapter-wise solutions, students can cover every topic in detail. You can also find CBSE sample papers, guess papers, and previous paper solutions in PDF format from class 6 to 12. You can also download Solved Papers, NCERT Books, and Solutions Of Different State Board Exams, CBSE boards, JEE, Advanced JEE, AIIMS from classes 6 to 12 so that you can study offline. Our website provides students with a one-stop solution to students concerning subject understanding, preparation of board exams, knowledge enhancement, competitive exam preparation, and practice.



Thorough NCERT Solutions For Class 6 to 12

Our goal at Full NCERT Solutions is to make the students’ life easier by providing them handy solutions they can access anytime. Our NCERT solutions are available online free of cost for classes 6 to 12. Students can download the solutions subject-wise without any registration and login ID. You can download NCERT solutions and study on your laptop, PC, tablet, or mobile.

NCERT solutions include complete chapters along with questions and answers for a better understanding of subjects. You can find full solutions for state boards such as UP Board, Gujarat Board, MP Board, Bihar, as well as CBSE Board. The content in NCERT solutions is relevant and detailed as per the NCERT curriculum.

Whether it’s Maths, Physics, Social Science, EVS, English, Hindi, and Computers, you can find solutions for every chapter of each subject. Such NCERT solutions not only help you in exams but also in completing homework and assignments on time.


Why refer to for Class 6 to 12 Online?


  • Simplicity and understandability- 

All NCERT solutions you find on our platform are easy to grasp, simple, comprehensive, relevant, and logical. They are prepared and framed by our experts in such a manner that all the students’ doubts are cleared easily and they can learn quickly. Every topic is explained with clarity in straightforward language. The ultimate objective of Full NCERT Solutions is to help students in preparing well and score good marks in the exams.


  • Question and Answers for all Chapters-

The content in Full NCERT Solutions is given chapter-wise so students can progress at their own pace. You can find the full range of solutions to every question for every chapter from Class 6 to 12. Once you get the downloadable PDF, you can easily make last-minute revisions anytime you want. You gain confidence for tests and exams by quick preparation from Full NCERT Solutions.


  • Digital Content for Easy Access

Presentation of topics through PDF files helps students to understand quickly and effectively. Under each chapter on our website, students can view the respective PDF containing the NCERT solutions in full page width without distractions. The digital files are very helpful in making students understand the concepts of mathematics and sciences through diagrams, charts, and visual aid.


  • Download Chapter-wise Solutions 

You can download the solutions for every single chapter given in the NCERT textbooks for the preparation of tests and exams. These solutions are prepared after meticulous planning by our experts to make them relevant for the preparation of final exams. The website has been built to be safe and easy to browse any chapter from any class to quickly find the solutions. There is also a “Search” button provided with which you can easily find any chapter of NCERT class 6 to 12.


  • NCERT Solutions for Quick Revisions-

All the answers have been framed with elaborate graphs, diagrams, and illustrations for better understanding. Thus, the NCERT solutions are very handy for the smart preparation of examinations. You can find all the important topics in detail for a quick understanding. You can easily do last-minute revisions and quick checks to ensure that you have covered all the topics in the syllabus.


  • Effective and detailed solutions- 

The NCERT solutions of classes 6, 7, and 8 are highly effective in building a strong foundation of concepts. Further, the NCERT solutions of higher classes, i.e., from class 9 to 12 are highly effective, well-researched, and detailed. If a student regularly works on these solutions, he or she can clearly understand the advanced topics in the higher classes. The NCERT solutions of classes 11 and 12 are very helpful for students to also prepare for competitive exams of engineering and medical.


  • Clearing doubts- 

The answers have been written in easy language after extensive research by the subject experts. In higher classes, students are unable to understand some topics. From classes 6 to 12, NCERT solutions help students in understanding all the relevant topics in simple terms. The main purpose is to develop a strong understanding of the topics. Our experts have taken care so that students quickly grasp the concepts with detailed chapter explanations.


  • Easy NCERT solutions in PDF online and offline

Students can find complete PDFs of each subject in detail to read both online and offline. Students can read PDFs of different subjects such as English, Maths, Computers, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Hindi, etc., in a full-page view for a better experience. With a single click, you can easily download the files for offline viewing on your phone, tablet, or laptop with ease. All you need is a PDF reader to load the files and start revising. The PDF files are compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows and easily downloadable. There is also a “Share” button found under each chapter PDF through which you can instantly share the NCERT solutions on social media like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc.


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