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Students feel a lot of pressure when they have to appear for class 10th Board exams. Students studying in 10th standard under CBSE board look for NCERT solutions for Class 10 for session 2020-21 to prepare well for exams. You can find updated and Free NCERT solutions for Class 10 for all subjects such as Maths, Science, Social Science, English, Hindi, and Sanskrit in PDF format. The solutions in PDF formats are arranged chapter-wise for all subjects as per the new academic session 2020-2021. Students can find detailed solutions for each question that help them to prepare effectively for State Board exams and tough competitive exams.

The objective of FullNcertSolutions is the improvement of school education and give confidence to students. The solutions prepared by our experts offer students easy access to compare, study, and clear doubts, as well as help them in their last-minute preparations. The NCERT pdf solutions Class 10 focus on building a strong foundation of concepts and subjects in the curriculum among students.

To find the solution for your subject click on the image below and get detailed chapter-wise solutions for each exercise. Here you can read the solutions online and download the PDF file as well.


NCERT solutions for class 10 subjects:


1. NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Maths

Students can find detailed solutions and solved answers for all chapters & exercises for NCERT Class 10 Maths subject. These solutions are prepared by our expert faculties helping students to score maximum marks. The NCERT solutions for Class 10 Maths include all the chapters given as per the latest syllabus like Real Numbers, Polynomials, Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables, Quadratic Equations, Arithmetic Progressions, Constructions, Statistics, Introduction to Trigonometry, Triangles, etc. The Class 10 Maths study material which we offer is the best of all covering updated questions and answers and a deeper understanding of concepts. Class 10 Maths is very important for higher studies such as Engineering, and that’s why the accurate NCERT solutions help students to build a strong foundation of the subject.

2. NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Science

NCERT Class 10 Science is the most fundamental subject which students need to be aware of and we have seen many students are quite anxious about the subject of science. The syllabus of Class 10 Science covers three subjects – Physics, Biology, and Chemistry. Full NCERT Solutions of Class 10 Science covers all three subjects and solved papers in one book. It provides accurate and well-written solutions to students that help them in practicing and preparing for exams. As NCERT Class 10 Physics can be tough for many students to understand. This is why our PDF solutions are explained in the simplest language so that complex concepts can be easily understood by students.
The study material is appropriate for NCERT examination as well as for competitive exams of engineering and medical. Some of the important chapters from NCERT Class 10 Science include Chemical Reactions, Metals and Non-Metals, Acids Bases and Salts, Carbon and it’s Compounds, Periodic Classification of  Elements, Light Reflection and Refraction, Heredity and Evolution, Human Eye and Colourful World, Electricity, etc. You can improve your understanding of the subject by covering the practice questions given at the end of the chapter.

3. NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English

English is the global language of the world and is a necessity in every field. Effective English speaking and writing skills are essential for a great future. A good command of the English language helps students in scoring good marks and boosts confidence. Thus, NCERT Class 10 English plays an important role in every student’s life. It is important to study the subject with utmost sincerity and seriousness for boards. The syllabus of English covers fiction stories, poetry, and drama.
Students can study with NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English chapter-wise in two books – First Flight (which is the Main Book) and Footprints without Feet (this is a Supplementary Book). The First Flight textbook solutions cover chapters such as A Letter to God, Nelson Mandela, Black Aeroplane, From the diary of Anne Frank, The Hundred Dresses 1 & 2, The Proposal, A Question of Trust, the Necklace, etc. The answers are prepared by English subject experts helping students to prepare and revise for board exams. If you want to stay ahead of your peers, NCERT Class 10 solutions for English are the best way to prepare and improve reading and writing skills.

4. NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Social Science

NCERT Class 10 Social science is a theoretical subject and covers four subjects – History, Geography, Economics, and Political Science. To score well in exams, students need to cover a huge syllabus and write well-written answers. Students need to practice the art of writing good answers to score maximum marks in Social Science. NCERT Solutions of Class 10 Social Science help students covering chapter-wise solutions and improve their writing skills. Some of the important chapters include the Rise of Nationalization in Europe, The Age of Industrialization, The Making of a Global World, Water Resources, Agriculture, Minerals and Energy Resources, Democracy and Diversity, Federalism, Political Parties, Outcome of  Democracy, etc.


Stay ahead from others with NCERT Solutions of Class 10 from provides the right guidance that helps students to deal with examination stress. During the preparation, students are highly anxious because they are not fully confident about their preparation and revision. The NCERT solutions are well-framed that help students in preparing for board exams and score the highest marks in all subjects. The solutions also improve your mental ability, speed and accuracy, and logical thinking process. With a strong understanding of the concepts, even the average students can gain confidence of scoring high marks in the examinations.

All the NCERT books and solutions in pdf are prepared in such a manner that helps the students in understanding the best way of writing answers to tough Class 10 subjects like Maths, Science, Social Science, Engish, etc. Scoring the highest percentage is the ultimate objective of students in board exams. The fear of board exams adversely affects a student’s confidence.

If a student uses for board exams, he or she can easily prepare and revise with full confidence as it gets rid of examination fear and anxiousness. It has become a great tool for self-study facilitating in comprehensive preparation of board exams. Whether it’s English, Science, Social Science, Mathematics, or Hindi, students are equipped with the best material for all subjects.


Subjects covered in Class 10 NCERT Solutions

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